New Poetry – Avery


Avery is a poet and spoken word artist who has been featured at many of the open mics and readings in the area in the past couple of years (Third Thursday Poetry Night, Live From The Living Room, Saint Poem Reading Series, 2011 Albany Word Fest) , but he has been in and out of the area poetry scene for quite some time. Recently, Dan Wilcox unearthed a photo of Avery from his open mic series at Cafe Web on Madison Ave.

Hailing originally from the Helderberg Mountains Avery has been in and out of the poetry scene for over a decade.  His college days saw him venture deeply into the wilds of poetry and he has been lost there ever since, escaping from time to time to perform in front of audiences and then vanishing back into the nether realms of run on sentences, flowery metaphors and convoluted analogies.

Avery has sent us two poems for the site so far, Drowning in Popular Culture and On Equality. Be on the lookout for more poetry and art from this man very soon.

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