Nitty Gritty Slam

We Flyered SUNY. Yes We Did.

Well Tuesday, Mary Panza and Daniel Nester (that’s me) flyered up the SUNY-Albany–er, University at Albany–campus real good. We posted stuff around the fountain area, the English Department, some dorm called the Indian.

As I write this at the beginning of slam #4, we have three people who came because of the flyers! Yay!

If you are out in SUNY-Land and would like to help us get flyers out there again–in the dorms, for example–that would be great. We hear you can send drop posters over at the residence headquarters and they’ll distribute it or post it everywhere.

Email us at, we’ll drop off some flyers for you, and one of us will buy you a frosty beverage at the next slam.