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Poetry on the Web – Monday, October 3, 2011

Poetry On The Web

Here are a few links to what is going on in the world of poetry and spoken word on the web. Enjoy!

Poetry for the undocumented in SoCal (from KPCC)
In the last couple of years, undocumented young people have stood up in public as never before to lobby for the Dream Act, the federal proposal that would legalize their status in the United States. While many have lost hope that the measure will ever become law, some of these teens


We Go Hard: Vanderbilt Spoken Word (from poetology.com)
Vandy Spoken Word placed second at this year’s Athenian Sing. Boasting a 50-member body, a recent second place victory for their performance at the annual Athenian Sing event, and an exciting list of upcoming events, Vanderbilt Spoken Word (VSW) is making its presence known


A Poet Laureate from the Proletariat: An Appreciation of Philip Levine (from The Millions)
I knew already that I had no talent for writing poetry, but I loved to read it because I believed then Simpson went on, “A friend from the college literary magazine, The Berkeley Poetry Review, But I kept reading his poetry, marveling at the development of his craft, his earthy subject


Best. . . Best. . . Best. . .Best. . .Best!!!! – Public Poetry (from publicpoetry.net )
Yes, it’s true; Public Poetry can boast – count ’em – 5 Bests! For a start, we won the Houston Press Best Of Award for Best Reading Series 2011! Public Poetry is thrilled to share this award with 25 featured poets, 12 talented students from Writers in the Schools/WITS and our true partner


Around Town: Willy Street Poetry offers ‘lasting testimony’ (from Wisconsin State Journal)
Angela McJunkin, the subject of John Tuschen’s poem, “Angela’s Cello,” performs as part of an unveiling celebration of Williamson Street Poetry In Sidewalks, a new public art project. There’s long been a certain poetic quality to Williamson Street and now there’s poetry embedded in its sidewalks