Open Stage Media, Channel 16 Schenectady Presents…

Open Stage Media Poetry is going to be back on television thanks to the good folks over at Proctors and Open Stage Media.  Here is information on “Define Poetic”

Define Poetic — A new televised reading series presenting performances by established local poets, who will then introduce us to up-and-coming ones. We at Define Poetic believe that poetry is a Vital Living Thing that must be an essential part of our lives.

Seating available for studio audiences.
Welcome to the June 16th taping of Define Poetic hosted by Shaun Mintz
Featuring: Dan Wilcox…and friend, Laura Hartmark…and friend, TBA

1652 Bradley Street, Schenectady, New York 12304 (Corner of Division)

Audience Space is very limited. Please RSVP or call Oliver @ Define Poetic 374-3532 4pm – 9pm for more information