2008 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe

image From our friend Sally Rhoades:

Dear Friends,

This dance has been a labor of love. It has tested all my strengths. Myself and five other dancers from NYC will perform on September 10th and 11 at 7 pm, as part of the Philly Fringe festival, at the Painted Bride Art Center at 230 Vine street in Philly.  I was suppose to perform there September 13th and 14th, 2001 BUT 9/11 happened and I could not leave home.  I visited the fringe in 2003 and Loved the venue.

Besides the dance I open the fringe with my play, Moon over Manhattan, August 29th, 30th and 31st at 9pm at the Painted Bride Art Center. The same cast performed it last summer at The Johnstown Colonial Little Theatre.

Many people have helped me on this enterprise. #1 my husband Hasan Atalay who has encouraged my art making for the last twenty-five years. My daughters Alev and Sara Atalay who come along on my journey and help. The many dance teachers, choreographer teachers, theatre teachers and Playwright Al Asemerly who insisted on the second act.

The many friends and dancers who have been a listening ear, a contact dance or celebrating in a technique class that we get it!!! I thank you for being there.
It’s an intense pleasure that I invite you all to Philly or just along in your heart.
The cast of the play is as follows: Lisa Weiderman( actor/co-director), Carol Russo( co-Director), John Nare, Laura Tortoricci, Rob Houle and David Insogna.

The dancers; Megan Nicely, Joseph Perna, Karen Mikalsen, Keren Ganin-Pinto, Jenn Kelly and Myself.

Come see the fringe of 150 special productions, 50 live-arts shows and a town that invites the arts.

The home of the Liberty bell, Ben Franklin, U PENN and the fabulous Philly Fringe!!!

If you are in the area or plan on being in the area, definitely check this event out.