The Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up

Dan Wilcox There were two open mic commentaries and one post about the difference between print poetry and performance poetry this week over at Dan Wilcox’s blog.   There are some very good points about print vs. performance in the comments section from Therese Broderick and Mary Kathryn Jablonski so be sure to check those out, too.

Poets Speak Loud, October 29

So I, Dan Wilcox, ended up being #1 on The List again & read a couple new poems inspired by conversations with other poets, “Consumerism,” & “Poetry Prompts.” I was followed by Scott Casale, who hasn’t been around for a while. Both his poems seemed based on random phrases & images, “Stop Writing a Piccolo’s Refund,” & “Amarillo Bleu,” where the second stanza is a re-arrangement of the first stanza.

Print poems v. Perf’ po

Buried in the tsunami of comments on my Blog of October 26 were some musings by Therese Broderick about performing poetry at an open mic. Therese is a thoughtful poet who likes to ponder the many & various issues of modern poetry both in & out of our community. Her comments reflect some of the issues that I have confronted over the years in practice & thought (this is not meant as a point-by-point response to Therese’s comments, I’m just bouncing off them randomly).

Albany Poets Presents, November 6

As advertised, this was the challenge laid down by Mary Panza to perform the best dramatic reading of the worst song lyrics and you win a featured reading at the Poets Speak Loud open mic at the Lark Tavern in the future, even if you have already featured. So the hardcore showed up, with the best of tunes & worst of tunes.

Go to Dan’s blog to read his complete commentaries and speak or mind in the comments section of the posts.