Poetry and Performance with Elizabeth McKim and Steve Cloreine

The Red Thread After LarkFEST this Saturday, September 15, the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and New York Expressive Arts are hosting a special poetry and performance event with visiting poets Elizabeth McKim and Steve Cloreine starting at 7:00PM at 4 Central Ave., in Albany.

An engaging poet-performer and teacher, Elizabeth Gordon McKim works out of the oral tradition of song, story, and poem. For many years she has performed her poetry with Swiss musician Paolo Knill and she has worked with dancers, poets, visual artists, musicians and teachers in the U.S., Europe, Indonesia and Israel. She has written five books of poetry, the latest entitled The Red Thread (Leapfrog Press, 2003). McKim has worked with countless children and teachers, and expressive arts practitioners throughout the U.S. and internationally. She is a national faculty member at Lesley University in the Department of Creative Arts in Learning and Poet Laureate of the European Graduate School.

“McKim’s poems offer you immediate pleasure. Carry them home and take them into you.”  –  Marge Piercy

Steve Clorfeine has been writing, performing and directing theater pieces since 1975. His productions have been presented in theatres, public schools, libraries, senior centers and art centers throughout the United States and Western Europe. Steve is on the theater faculty of Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. His latest collection of poems is Field Road Sky (2006).

“Clorfeine’s day to day experiences read like a series of prose haikus…there is a clarity in his writing…a habit of seeing the ordinary and the extraordinary, the marvelous in the mundane”  – Woodstock Times

There is a $3.00 suggested donation for this event.

For more information contact Denie Whalen at denwhale@newyorkexpressivearts.com or 518-434-2412 or the Hudson Valley Writers Guild at hvwginfo@gmail.com or 518-449-8069.