Durham becoming a national hotbed for spoken-word poetry

There is a great article up now on the website for the Independent Weekly from Raleigh, North Carolina area about the growing poetry and spoken word scene in Durham. 

“Connected to words like Siamese twins”: That line from Dasan Ahanu’s poem “Deep in Thought” epitomizes the rise of the Triangle’s spoken-word community. Metaphors and similes dangle with cadence and intonation. The words—bled from poets who carry pens, pads and bags filled with homemade books and CDs in store-bought cases—entertain and inspire. These poets live in these words, and, symbiotically, those words live off of their poets.

The article goes on to talk about why these young artists got involved in the community and what they are doing to keep the movement going, including hosting events and organizing teams for the National Poetry Slam.