Book Signing and Reading at the Bohemian Book Bin

poetry reading On Sunday, September 9, starting at 3:00PM hosts Teresa Marta Costa and Olga Kronmeyer present The Alchemy Club’s book signing and reading at the Bohemian Book Bin with poetry by Ruth Green West, Mildred Barker, Marylin Barr, Gloria Bernstein, Barbara  Boncek, Kathryn Cloonan, Heddy T. Czerm, Mary Durham, Peggy Friedman, Gen Gia, Werner Jatzke, Olga Kronmeyer, John Ogilvie, Shirley Powell, Alana Sherman, Gloria Wagenknecht, Jean Webster, and Inez George Gridley.

The Bohemian Book Bin is located at 590 Rte. 9W Kings Mall, Kingston, NY. For more information, call 845-336-6450