Poets Performing Saturday at Saratoga Arts Fest

Poets from the Saratoga Springs area will read from their books of poetry. Partway through the readings, Susan Jefts and Carol Graser will lead a poetry workshop for all who are interested. Both have had their poetry published in numerous journals throughout the country and have led poetry workshops for a wide variety of groups and organizations. Poets include Jefts (with Margaret LaFrance, flute), Graser, and Mary Cuffe-Perez.

The Arts Fest runs all weekend and includes many musical, dance and literary events throughout the city at several venues.

According to the event’s website, “SaratogaArtsFest, a three-day celebration of the arts from June 15-17, 2007, will deliver the brilliance and energy of art in its many forms—music, dance, fine art, film, theatre, and writing—to an anticipated audience of 5,000 people.

By encompassing the appearances of emerging and established artists with local, national and international reputations at diverse performance venues and exhibit spaces in Saratoga Springs, SaratogaArtsFest aims to expand appreciation for the arts and continue the city’s growth as a premier arts destination.”

Passes for the weekend are $25 and can be purchased at their office in the arcade building near the corner of Broadway and Phila Street.