New Issue of Arabeques Review Now Available

Arabesques Review, Vol. 03 Issue 02: Contemporary Women’s Literature Anthology is now online

What is women’s writing? Is there a separate female discourse in universal literature? Is there any social obligation on the part of women’s writing towards feminism or society? Is there a grand narrative or even lineal progress from one generation to the next in recent times? In this special issue of Arabesques, we have compiled a selection of contemporary women authors from all over the world whose work and influences are as diverse as the women themselves and which will give an idea about the 21th century women’s poetry and fiction to celebrate the importance of this literature. Arabesques is proud of its tradition of featuring the work of many established and emerging international writers in its most current anthology featuring A. S. King, Adriana DiGennaro, Caren Beilin, Caroline Morrell, Cheryl Snell, Christiane Bostock, Clairr O’Connor, Cyndy Kelly, Deborah Strozier, Diane Raptosh, Elie Wormwood, Elizabeth Simson, Jane Williams, Janet Norman Knox, Jessica Restaino, Jill Stegman, Joyce Yarrow, Julene T Weaver, Kathie Giorgio, Kendra Sims, Kim Goldberg, Laura Lehew, Leslie Wilson, Lisa Zaran, Louise C. Callaghan, Lynn Strongin, Lynne Knight, Mary Pomfret, Michelle Battiste, Nora Nadjarian, Olivia Kate Cerrone, Rebecca Del Rio, Sabine Pascarelli, Stephanie Friedberg, Sultana Raza, Swati Chopra, Tanya Evanson, Thomas Brucie, Toni Calvello, Tracy Robinson.

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