The National Peace Poetry Project

Dan Wilcox sent an message around to his mailing list about the National Peace Poetry Project.  Here is some information on what they are all about and how they help students through the art of poetry.

“The Project’s purpose is to foster and nourish student’s creative capacities through poetry and art to reflect peace as a source of human strength and enrichment.  The NPPP is an outgrowth of a contest and reading that began as the North Country Schools Peace Poetry Contest in 2002.  Our goal for the NPPP would be to provide you with resources and expertise to help establish partnership “peace poetry contests” in public and private (K-12) schools across the country similar to one we started at the State University of New York at Potsdam. 

The concept is a relatively simple one:  students write poems about peace; we publish about 80 or so of their poems in a chapbook; and they are invited to campus to read their poems in front of family, friends and the campus community – an event intended to celebrate their accomplishments. 

Our local contest has partnered with the local Lions Club to present “peace poster” winners at our annual local reading.  Examples of these wonderful, vibrant illustrations are soon to be posted on this website to enjoy.

The National Peace Poetry Project is also a resource for educators interested in the intersection of peace studies and the creative arts. We publish a yearly newsletter with photos, poems, and teaching ideas geared to help promote peace poetry and these types of contests nationwide.”

More information on the National Peace Poetry Project