People Will Cram Into Poetry Slam

Poets and performers in Fort Wayne, Indiana are coming together and putting on an incredible series of shows much like what has been going on Albany over the past few years.  From this article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, it appears that the poetry scene was getting a little quiet for a while until a new group, 10 Entertainment, began bringing poets, musicians, comedians, dancers, and artists together for a series called “Summit City Poetry Slam”.  Now these events have hundreds of people in attendance to appreciate the arts of the area.

This is a similar situation as what is happening here in Albany.  From the First Friday art openings attracting a number of people to the various galleries every month, to the multitude of poetry readings and open mics in the area flourishing, we too are experiencing a renaissance in the arts community.  From what I can tell you now, as we are still putting all of the plans in place, the upcoming 2007 Albany Word Fest will bring all of the local art scene together, and hopefully be a continuation of the resurgence of participation and appreciation of the arts in upstate New York. 

Click the link below to read the story about what is going on in Fort Wayne and stay tuned for more information on the 2007 Albany Word Fest.  We will be releasing details on venues and performers in the beginning of the new year.

Link to Journal Gazette – People will cram into poetry slam