New Charles Bukowski CD…Just in time for Christmas

Apparently, Charles Bukowski is taking a page from Tupac and Johnny Cash and beginnng to release albums from the grave.   The Temple Bookstore has just put out a new album recorded when Buk did a reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival in 1974. 

Here is the decription from the Temple website: 

“A never before released recording of a 1974 poetry reading by world famous twentieth century American poet Charles Bukowski (1922-1993) is one you’ll have to stuff in your CD player as soon as you get it. In 1974, the intrepid Bukowski journeyed from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to give a featured reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival, along with Alta, Ricardo Sanchez, and Andy Clausen. The recording of the reading given in the social work auditorium of the University of Utah survived in the archives of the Reverend Sherm W. Clow, President at the time of the renowned Litmus Inc., producer of the festival. It includes more than twenty poems with a table of contents, some introductory and closing patter by MC Charles Potts, and a reproduction of the poster from the UPF are the menu on the CD. Bukowski was just beginning to achieve the lasting fame that would come to him in the next two decades. Hear the man at his droll and noteworthy best.”

For more information, click the link at the below.

Speaking of Johnny Cash, I highly recommend the new album that was released over the summer, American V: A Hundred Highways.  If you do get your hands on it, take a listen to track number two, God’s Gonna Cut You Down, it is a great one.

Link to New Charles Bukowski CD