Brammaged Goods, ON TOUR!

I am going on tour! Ok, so I am making more of it than I should, it is only one show, but it is in Lexington SC! My brotha-from-anotha-motha, Maximus Parthas, is hosting a new event down their called the Prysmatic Dreams Spoken Word Showcase. Not an open mic, a showcase of talented writer/performers and he ask me to come down and help him kick off the first show.

Also on the bill is Nyne Elementz, Tribal Raine and Breeze. So the people down there are in for one hell of a show!

I’ve been working with Max for a year or two longer than I have been working with Thom at Albany Poets. Together with Max and other unnamed players (for brevity) we have created ground breaking opportunities for poet/spoken word artists. PD (Prysmatic Dreams) has served as a home base for the launching of the Net Slam, The New Word Order, The Session, and most importantly, Whispered Words Poetry Mixed Tapes.

At PD we have tried to stay true to the philosophy that as you grab a hand ahead of you, and pull yourself up to the next level of expertise or opportunity in the Spoken Word World, you reach back with the other and pull someone up from the place you are stepping up from. We seem to have been doing a good job with that. The Real Ms Jones, soon-to-be-former administrator for PD, is training Hanna and Wise to take that job over, freeing her to become a producer and MP3J for Whispered Words. What can I say, that’s how we roll at PD.

We have been taking our time and trying our best to do it right. That way when we launch something new, it is revolutionary. A little secret here, we are trying to get things set up to video web cast this show, but details are not available yet. Though the venue, the Three Bean Net Café says they have the capability, and Max has the cameras. So with a little luck, some research, and hard word, the Prysmatic Dreams Spoken Word Showcase may be video web cast live! See what I mean…revolutionary.

I will pop back when I have more info on the web cast. Till then…

Dain Brammage