WAMC RoundTable – Who is Your Favorite Local Area Writer, Musician, or Artist?

WAMC’s RoundTable program this morning is asking listeners to call in and tell who their favorite local artist, musician, or artist, alive or dead.

It is about time that people are realizing that there is a lot of talented people in this area involved in the arts.  From what I have heard of the show so far, they have already gone over all of the famous arts heros from the area, but so far I have not heard anything about any of our local poets.

Wonder if we will hear any familiar names this morning?  Tom NattellDan WilcoxAlan Catlin?

You can send them an email about who inspires you locally and they will read them on the air on Monday.  You can also leave a comment here and let us know who your favorite local artist is.

Link to WAMC RoundTable – Susan Arbetter – Joe Donahue – Paul Elisha – Alan Chartock – Clarence Fanto