DailyLit – Read Novels In Your Email Inbox

Are you too busy to read your favorite novel?  Well, here is a service where you can have novels emailed to you a little bit at a time.  There are many classic books and novels to choose from on the site. 

How long will it take to read the book?  DailyLit answers that in their FAQ:

“That depends on three factors. First, on how many parts are in the book (shown when you browse for books). Second, on how frequently you choose to receive emails. Third, on how often you read more than one part (by using the “send me the next part immediately” feature). So here is a typical example. I am currently reading Dracula, which has 187 parts and I am receiving parts on weekdays, i.e. 5 days/week. So at most it will take me 187/5 = 37 weeks. But when I am on the train or waiting, I often read more than one part, so I usually wind up reading about 10 parts/week. This means I will finish Dracula in about 19 weeks or 5 months. If that seems long to you, try something shorter!”

Link to DailyLit