Marty Mulenex

Everything started in Transylvania County and born a Gemini besides.

Started at an early age in live theatre throughout school always in disguise.

Failed to be Clint Eastwood after numerous tries.

So, went off into the Air Force and said his goodbyes.

Writing poetry at an early age.

Got in a year book or two, but never shared on stage.

Keeping it locked up in a cage.

Now, breaking out on a poetry rage.

His imagery, will take you along a ride on the carousel.




Stepping outside into the New Year.
The moon, silhouetted only, by its own tiny sliver of light.
Clearly incredible, every star shining bright.
Eyes wide open by all of life’s, glorious, offerings.
How, incredibly, perfect, everything is tonight.
Or is it?
Only one with the knowledge and foresight.
Educating us wrong from right.
Still we cannot live in peace, sleep, without fright.
Why, doesn’t everyone, stop, listen to the words.
So, we can all get it right !
Please, time we all made a stand, join together, hand-in-hand.
United we’ll stand as one.
One is all we need.
Lets, listen to the man.
Sing out, spread the word across the lands !
Peacefulness, serenity, our eyes wide open, restoring existence and life’s illustrious freedoms.



Outside, walking today, has been such a joy.
Sky writers, thru the bluest of skies, leaving their trails behind them.
Visual for all to see.
Streets busy, pedestrians hustling around enjoying themselves.
Various working classes all out for an extended lunch, perhaps the rest of the day.
Feeling stupendous can’t control myself have to sit on this bench.
Blocking out the distractions, just taking everything in.
Absorbing warmth from the radiating sunshine, breathing in, all the fresh scents of the air.
Inspired, by the gift nature provides us once again.