Jim Cuozzo

My favorite poets are Dylan Thomas, Pablo Neruda, Joe Bolton, Charles Bukowski. I like many poets traditional and new. I was fortunate enough to go to a two week poetry class with poet Carolyn Forche at the NYS Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College in 2003. I currently work as a freelance writer for Spotlight Newspaper in Delmar, Legislative Gazette, and others. I have spent many years as a broadcast journalist, news director and talk show host. I have enjoyed reading and writing my whole life and even compose music when I get the chance.




Watching time
pass on by
reminds me of snow
falling on bare trees, rigid
uniform, but falling all the same
invisibly piling high, little by little growing.

As I look through the stained train window
A lone deer looks back at me
he is free to roam wild.
I wait my turn as
towns appear then disappear
and the train
pushes forward



41 was too young
to be as sick as you were.

Remember the dry August day at nine, when
You backed your dad’s car into the motel pool
Everyone ran, eyes popping, jaws dropping
hearing the 40 lashes you received
inside the front seat.

It didn’t help.
It just made you hard at an early age
running with the wild pack that robs for their food
and howls all night to the moon.

The last time we met
we sat at Joey’s bar
toasting those East End days.
We were never friends
just the same trickle of blood ran through our veins.

Now you are gone
leaving the warm sun crying
My harsh winter sun is a little softer
thinking of you and
your poolside blue eyes
far away
in the sweet Southern sky.