Brian Dorn

Brian Dorn

From the time-honored village of Ballston Spa, NY, Brian Dorn has been publishing rhyming-poetry on the internet for several years.  A graduate of The University of Albany and SUNY Adirondack, Brian has effectively leveraged cyberspace to circulate his clever wordplay throughout an increasingly paperless world.  Thanks to the web, Brian Dorn’s poetry has reached an audience far beyond upstate NY.  Brian has authored hundreds of poems, many of which can be found in his two-volume collection, From My Poems To Yours.  He is currently focused on developing a stage production modeled after his poem of the same name (“We All”).  A Sample of Brian’s work (including videos) can be found on his official website at



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Welcome to my haunted house
Dare to see the dark in me
Suits of armor wait to joust
Eyes in portraits move to see

Stroke my ego, don’t be shy
Give my id his equal pay
Watch the serpent slither by
My alter ego’s chance to play

In the dungeon sleeps the creature
Securely cuffed in mounted chains
Disregard his ragged features
Please excuse the carpet stains

Behind the bookcase hides my secrets
Discretion swept up under rugs
The dark in me you haven’t met
Struggles loose in warring tugs

Tempting me in carnal pleasure
Rewarding me if I dare
Accolades in grand measure
Disposing me in deep despair



Flashback to 1984
Still entrenched in Cold War
The Olympic Games in LA
The Colosseum sets the stage

Greco-Roman Wrestling
Niskayuna’s own offspring
Battling back from disease
Facing-off against the Swede

Heads locked and torsos tangled
Leveraging for any angle
Defending every vulnerable joint
Expending all to score a point

Sensing momentary weakness
Combining muscle with finesse
In a flash, he gains control
The crowd erupts – he wins the Gold

On his knees in gratitude
Announces he’s a “happy dude”
The feel-good story of the Games
Olympic glory – redemption reigns