Jason Crane

Jason Crane was born in Lenox, Massachusetts and lives in New York City. He’s a broadcaster, podcaster and writer. He’s a father. And he rides a bicycle.

Jason’s first collection of poems, Unexpected Sunlight (FootHills Publishing, 2010), is now available. His work has been published in Blue Collar Review, qarrtsiluni , Meat For Tea, State of Emergency: Chicago Poets Address The Gulf Crisis, and Poets For Living Waters.

POEM: sorry, Larry

Listen to this poem using the player above. / / / sorry, Larry after being called downstairs every four goddamned hours I justifiably killed Larry maybe not on purpose (quite) rather seductively, tentatively under very wan xanthic — yellow — zinnias / / / I’ve been reading Charles Bernstein’s Attack Of The Difficult Poems and […]

POEM: natsukashii

Listen to this poem using the player above. / / / This poem is a combination of images from my past and images from the present. natsukashii genmaicha leaves in a clay pot Tokyo sounds subway travels tatami mats against our legs tangy curry from little cubes Tonari no Totoro & a cat who steps […]

Jason Crane

POEM: Cale on the 6

Listen to this poem using the player above. I wrote this today on the 6 train while listening to John Cale’s album Vintage Violence. / / / Cale on the 6 John Cale’s on the uptown 6 singing about Adelaide Spring to Bleeker to Astor Place on a November day that finally feels like winter […]