R.M. Engelhardt reading at the QE2 in the early-90s

Talking Political Writing, Post-Pandemic Arts, and Finding Home with R.M. Engelhardt


R.M. Engelhardt started sharing his poetry at local open mics in the early-90s and has since been a driving force in keeping the poetry and spoken word alive and well in the area. He has hosted a number of readings and events over the years and continues to welcome writers, new and old, to the stage.

In this clip, Engelhardt reads “DeGeneration” at the Borders Open Mic on January 25, 1995. This poem was recorded for the CD, “Volume: A Compilation of Poets, Live”, produced by Mary Panza and Steve Clark, chronicling the poetry scene at the time at such venues as the QE2, Margarita’s, and Borders.

We talk about political poetry, what the arts community looks like in a post-pandemic world, and how he landed at Lark Hall for his monthly open mic.

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