"The Mermaid of Amarvin Island" by Eric G. Müller

“The Mermaid of Amarvin Island” by Eric G. Müller

Eric G. Müller announces the publication of his new book, The Mermaid of Amarvin Island, which is now available via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Alkion Press.

Swannie’s life is changed forever when she saves a beached dolphin. In gratitude, Matmaka, the grateful dolphin, drops hints about her unique heritage, while giving Swannie hope that her father who went missing during a raging storm the previous year, might still be alive. Before returning to the ocean, Matmaka sends her on a quest to find the way to the Golden Secret, which ultimately leads her to Amarvin Island, where mermaids once frolicked before they fled from Nairamba, the monster serpent. Can Swannie find the strength and ingenuity to overcome the powerful snake of greed and lies in order to free the troubled island once more for the mermaids’ return? The people, animals, and nature spirits she meets on the way are willing to help, including Feliciana, her new but delicate friend from school. But will it be enough?

Eric G. Müller lives in upstate New York, writing, teaching, and playing music. He has published novels, memoirs, and poetry books. His children’s books include The Invisible Boat, its sequel, The Invisible Boat and the Molten Dragon, and Tiny Tin Elf. Born in Durban, South Africa, he studied literature and history at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Happy years as a primary and high school teacher laid the foundation for his storytelling abilities. The array of colourful characters in his books face dangers with courage and resolute decisiveness. His rich imagination, concern for the environment, and his deep love of children is once again made abundantly clear in The Mermaid of Amarvin Island. Illustrations: Martina Angela Müller

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