Episode 20: James H Duncan Live at The Linda

Episode 20: James H Duncan Live at The Linda

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On this episode, we are featuring poet and writer James H Duncan who was one of the spoken word artists who graced the stage Live at The Linda on December 17th, 2021.

James H Duncan is the editor of Hobo Camp Review and the author of We Are All Terminal But This Exit Is Mine, Vacancy, and Beyond the Wounded Horizon, among other books of poetry and fiction. He is currently working on a new collection about his two hometowns, Albany and San Antonio, and he continues to visit and review independent bookstores across the country for his blog, The Bookshop Hunter.

Dan Wilcox notes on his blog about Siena’s reading:

First up to the mic was James Duncan, with poems from/about a variety of places, from Albany, to the NYC “Skyway, to East Greenbush (“Jaws of Memory”). He read (“A Splinter”) about finding a copy of Carl Sandburg’s Harvest Poems in a 2nd hand bookstore in Columbia County; you can find James’ accounts of his visits to bookstores far & near on the [HVWG] website. His poem “Who Lives Here?” was about where he lives now on Pine Ave. (either South Pine or North Pine), in close proximity to other readers here tonight & audience members. His reading also introduced the night’s multi-media aspect of videos playing behind the readers, shots of local areas, or other places such as NYC that we, the audience, recognized.

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