Contiguous States by Richard Levine

“Contiguous States” by Richard Levine

Contiguous States the new book of poetry by Richard Levine, is now available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press.

If one doesn’t find oneself tearing up at least once while reading Richard Levine’s Contiguous States, it seems—to me, at least—that one is lacking in humanity. There are poems of immense sadness and poems of immense beauty, poems that expose the soul of man for all to see. I find myself going back to reread poem after poem here—not because I need to be reminded of sadness or beauty, but because that which is deeply human must be held close, cherished.

 –Matthew J. Spireng, Author of What Focus Is and Out of Body

Richard Levine is a retired NYC teacher, activist, and author of The Cadence of Mercy, A Tide of a Hundred Mountains, That Country’s Soul, A Language Full of Wars and Songs, and Snapshots from a Battle, and on YouTube: “Judge Roberts: One Man, One Woman, One Vote” and “The Talkin’ Frackin’ Blues”.

Contiguous States is a full-length collection retailing for just $18.99.