Poem A Day – Ed Rinaldi – view finding a postcard crumbled kingdom in the Sun

view finding a postcard crumbled kingdom in the Sun

collar tag jangling
in the racing afternoon
my dog says breathe
with a smile if you can

I build a small fire
in the pit at the end of the yard
roast peeps with my daughter
as if those little sugar chickies
knew they were meant
to cackle bubble and spit
my surface tension of sweet desire
can’t help but look around
to soak everything in

knowing I won’t remember
as much as feel my way back
as if I am in some infinite
tourist visa to my own life here
not quite connected
inside anything
but flight
and a pocket full
of quarters

the maple blossoms
are all cascade today
scattering lime green entrails
over the black rubber mouth
of the trampoline
a few chimes
in little finger breezes
ease reminders
to smell everything today
every map will journey me
back through smoke and ash
and all the spaces
between smiles
and pressing the memory
of laughter
into old books

and I knew
to do this
because Love
always told me
that it wasn’t
going to be forever
as far as clocked time
might be concerned
that I should feel
each orbit weave
through the years
each long view
passed past ears
where worn wisp smoke
religions chant faint songs
written on paper
the dust
the edge
of ages
and reason
and pages
the seasons
of the Sun

poem 129 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo17)