NGS #14 Crowd

NGS #14 Results – An Unexpected Win From an Unintentional Slammer

NGS #14 Crowd

We had a great time at Valentine’s last week when NGS #14 rolled into our favorite slam venue. The night started out slow, but as soon as we started the open mic, business began to pick up.

I, Thom Francis, started the open mic only a half hour late and I was joined by Daniel Nester, Leslie Michelle, Jess Listen to my Words, Ed Rinaldi, and open mic host Mojavi. 

Dan Wilcox has a great write-up of the evenings events here.

The slam itself was again not the usual “8-4-2”, but we came close with 6 going into the first round. The one poet who didn’t mean to even mean to end up in the slam was the winner of the night. Later that evening D. Colin wrote on her Facebook wall, “So umm…I am not a slam poet but I just won a slam; go figure…”

Here is how the scores worked out.

Round One:
Kevin Peterson – 25.1
Elizag – 27.8
D. Collin – 29.4
Dan Wilcox – 26.1
Victorio – 29
Ka – 28.1

Round Two:
Ka – 26.7 (Combined 54.8)
Victorio – 27.7 (Combined 56.7)
D. Collin – 29.5 (Combined 58.9)
Elizag – 29.4 (Combined 57.2)

Round Three:
D. Collin – 29.9
Elizag – 29.3

Congratulations to D. Colin on her win and we hope to see her out at the slam again soon. We are back on April 3, kicking off National Poetry and beginning our journey down the road to Word Fest.

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