The Front Parlor Series at The Olde English Pub

Open Mic

Do you have a story to tell?

Most of the poets and spoken word artists that come out to the open mics in the area do tell stories through verse, but there are those who want to just tell the story without the structure of writing a poem. Recently at the Nitty Gritty Slam Daniel Nester has been reaching into the vault and reading some of his stories and prose pieces from his youth. R.M. Engelhardt has mixed his prose with is poetry for years. This past year on WAMC, they began airing a program called The Moth Radio Hour that “features our most beloved tales and the stories behind the stories”. That radio program, and the live series that it was spawned from,  has inspired a new type of reading event in the area called The Front Parlor.

The Front Parlor started out last year at The Ale House in Troy with a group of storytellers getting together and telling stories with no notes, no scripts, no embellishments, just a true story. Since that time, the series has moved to The Olde English Pub and the next event takes place this Monday, January 23. All Over Albany has an article about the move up on their site from last November.

This looks like a exciting new outlet for everyone with a story to tell…which, in reality, is everyone.

We found some audio from the Troy event last year here.