Poetry At The UAG With Matt Galletta And Margot Malia Lynch, Tonight

Poetry at the UAGBig night for poetry tonight in Albany.  Three featured poets, two poetry events, and an open mic.

Tonight Albany Poets comes back to the UAG Gallery with poets Matt Galletta and Margot Malia Lynch.  We will be streaming this reading on the website.  Go to www.albanypoets.com/video.asp and check it out if you are not able to make it to the gallery.

The reading starts at 7:00PM.  The UAG Gallery is located at 247 Lark Street, Albany.  Right across the street from Ben & Jerry’s.

After this reading, join us as we walk up the street to The Fuze Box for VoX, an open mic for poetry and spoken word hosted by R.M. Engelhardt with featured poet Marcus Kwame Anderson. 

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