Albany Poets on MySpace

Poets on MySpace Did you know that there are many poets that are not only on the Albany Poets website, but also on the social networking powerhouse, MySpace? Here are some of the area poets and spoken word artists that can be found on MySpace.

Marcus Andserson and Leo (Inkog and Mr. Gone), Marcus AndersonShaun Baxter, Dain Brammage, R.M. Engelhardt, The Poet Essence, A.C. Everson, Thom Francis, Pierre Joris, Margot Malia, Mojavi, Noah Nattell, Daniel Nester, Nicole Peyrafitte, Cheryl A. Rice, James Schlett, Alifair Skebe, K.J. Spencer, Stacey Stump, Dan Wilcox, and Hollice Danielle Wiles.

Of course you can start out with Albany Poets own page and go from there.

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