Poetic Visionz

Ramblin’ Jug Stompers

Poets Speak Loud!, May 21

&, man, did we ever have to this night, out in the dining area of McGeary’s rather than in our clubhouse backroom. We also shared the stage with the wonderful Ramblin’ Jug-Stompers, but that was a good thing. They are a blue-grass, old-time, blue…

Everybody Hates Javi

Urban Guerilla Theater, January 20

After the Yes! Reading I raced (not quite) up Central Ave. to WAMC’s Linda Auditorium for the monthly gathering of UGT. I thought I’d be late, but Mojavi had just taken the stage & was talking about getting smacked as a kid by his mother in the supermarket. He must’ve been soooo cute!