Offline Permission

In 2022, HVWG published your poems on its website, We now seek permission to publish up to three of those poems in offline. Formerly a periodic chapbook, offline is transitioning to a yearbook anthology. HVWG will hold the copyright for the book; you will retain copyrights to your poems. We will gladly print acknowledgment of previous publications that you supply below. Poems will be published as the version that appeared on, though formatting will necessarily be different. Please inform the editors in form below if there were typographical or formatting errors in the online publication that we can correct for publication in offline.

Exsolutas Press, owned by HVWG board member Rhonda Rosenheck, will publish the book as a trade paperback. It will be available locally and for purchase online. All proceeds will be donated to HVWG to support and further its mission.

Each poet published in offline will be entitled to a 35% discount off the list price of up to ten books purchased in one order. (Publication date and ordering details will follow).

Please fill out the form below. The deadline for response is March 27, 2023. If we do not receive your response by the deadline, we will exclude your work from the anthology. HVWG and Exsolutas Press reserve the right not to publish any or all poems permitted herein.

If you have questions or concerns that cannot be addressed in this form, please contact Rhonda at