Talking Writing, Competing, and Teaching with Algorhythm

Thom Francis talks with local poet Algorhythm about writing as a form of therapy, keeping work personal, and his life now as a teacher.

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Talking Observations, Underserved Neighborhoods, and Poetry Changing the World with Mojavi

Thom Francis talks with Mojavi about not giving up on your dreams, addiction changing neighborhoods, and if poetry can still change the world.

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Talking Haiti, Heritage, and Culture with D. Colin

Thom Francis talks with D. Colin about her poem "Up Ahead We'll See," her Haitian heritage, and incorporating cultural identity into her art.

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Talking Political Writing, Post-Pandemic Arts, and Finding Home with R.M. Engelhardt

Thom Francis talks with poet, writer, and open mic host R.M. Engelhardt about changes in writing style, post-COVID poetry events, and more.

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Talking Identity Politics, Bernadette Mayer, and Social Justice with Nancy Klepsch

Thom Francis sits down with Nancy Klepsch to discuss how poetry can be a tool for social change and how she has incorporated it into her life.

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