Front Parlor Series

Front Parlor Series

The Front Parlor Series is live storytelling in the Capital Region. Every month we gather around an open mic to hear our fellow humans tell us their truths — unfiltered, without notes.

This month’s theme is “Fitting In

It’s one of the most universal human experiences: The desire to fit in. We all, on some level, want to be seen, heard and accepted. Maybe you cared more about fitting in when you were a kid, and have since gained the courage to be yourself, approval be damned. (Tell us your secrets!) But I’m willing to bet most of us, deep down, yearn to belong.

Tell us your stories of middle school cliques, family dynamics and journeys for acceptance. Where do you (or don’t you) fit in? And how did you get there? Join is in Troy in September to tell (or listen to) stories about “fitting in.”


Sep 14 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Little Pecks


Little Pecks
211 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180
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