Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award


The Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award is granted to an LGBTQ writer who has shown exceptional talent and the potential for continued literary success and significance in the future. This award is intended to honor a writer and that writer’s anticipated future literary success and significance. Thus, the focus of the submission should be on the nominee, rather than the nominee’s individual work(s).


The nominee must have published at least one but no more than two books, written in the discipline of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Works must be in the English language. The nominee must have shown exceptional talent in works written and published during the beginning of their writing career, as well as the potential for continued literary success and significance.

The nominee must identify as a member of the LGBTQ community. Writers may nominate themselves. Other people may nominate someone, but anyone submitting a nomination is responsible for assembling and submitting the full application. No one can submit more than three nominations. A submission fee of $40 to The Publishing Triangle must be paid. All current, dues-paying members of the Publishing Triangle may submit one Berzon nominee for free.


The winner receives $1500.