Kate Schmieding

Three Poems – Kate Schmieding


my first sip is like tuning a piano
clunky and graceless,
clambering towards sublime

hot and seductive
cold and coy

i pray to the spirits
of single origin
that this cup cures my
momentary thirst for belonging
and meaning and affirmation

until 2pm


snow day

the analogies float from the sky
like similes (cement and/or pollen)

and the heavy flakes cover
the wonderland of woods
with metaphor
(renewal, peace, change)

calm inner storms,
figurative footprints,
symbolic sips of hot chocolate,

but today I stare out the window onto the fresh snow with a simple thought:

*that looks pretty and I feel cozy*

and save the subtext for when I need it



puffy Cheetos slowly melting on your tongue,

in sultry tantric togetherness,

savoring the jagged crunch transformation from solid to mush,


watching the premeditated,
contrived murderous plot twist

revealing the 90s child star you once dreamed of inviting to


Kate Schmieding is a passionate advocate for the creative brain. She is currently the Creative Operations Director for the NYS Media Services center and a writer herself. She spends her time working out, watching movies, mothering, friending, and going out to dinner to avoid cooking at home. She suffers from wanderlust and loves to travel to see new things!

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