D. Alexander Holiday at Poets Speak Loud, September 30, 2019

“I Use to Fall Down” by G. Douglas Davis, IV

Local poet D. Alexander Holiday (aka G. Douglas Davis, IV) announces his new book, I Use to Fall Down, published by Troy Book Makers.

I am “revisiting” my earlier version of I Use To Fall Down because I really like what I did in first the chapbook version which only had the original fifty (50) poems in it.   Then when I was ready to do a second book for an earlier publisher, I wanted to make the chapbook into a book, so I took the 50 poems (in their original layout), twenty-five from the first book and wrote twenty-five new pieces for this second book, for a total of one hundred pieces.

With this re-release, I wrote fifty pieces during the pandemic and with a new publisher (Troy Book Makers, who did two of my now eight books) and a new cover concept, I am pleased with the new pieces and the new book overall.  Readers will get a smorgashboard of my political, social, personal, humorous acumen.  I even wrote haikus for the first time for this new book.

The Black Authors Matter award-winning author received a MA from Albany State University. He is a recipient of the Spellman Award. He moderated a creative writing workshop in an area state maximum security prison and performs his volunteer duties as a liaison with the GBS/CIDP Foundation International. As a performance artist, he has read at open mics and on radio and television. His work appears in numerous journals and publications, among them Arts & Understanding Magazine, The Arabesque Review, and The Amherst Society. He still resides and writes in upstate New York.

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