Four Poems – Denise Garofalo


The steady thrum of the waves against the sand
Is a balm to my troubled spirit,
Nature’s white noise machine.
I lift my eyes to the horizon,
The juncture of sea and sky,
Broken only by a faraway sailboat speck.

The sand grows warm, and
My thoughts wander, taken here and there,
As the boat speck keeps a steady course,
And the waves continue their endless beat.
I breathe deeply, revitalized,
My spirit lightened.
Gulls cry.
Rejuvenated, I turn towards the dunes,
And continue strolling on my path.


Never Too Late

After a harried day
Of endless problems and few solutions,
I seek solace outdoors.
A stroll in the yard, a walk in the woods,
A lap around the block,
All give relief to stress
And respite from pressure, and
Taking pause is never too late.

Each season reveals its aspects;
Promises of new life and growth,
Flourishing of nature in full bloom,
Preparation for rest and renewal,
Dormancy of sleep and slumber.
My meanders give me a breath of air,
A breather from hassles and worries.
And I return, keen to take up my burdens again.


Is It Spring?

The brisk cut of winter’s wind
Makes way for a warmer breeze.

Bare ground,
Once blanketed by ice and snow,
Now hosts hope,
As tiny green shoots
Push up towards the sun.

Birds chirp and scatter to and fro.
Woodchucks peek out of burrows, tempted.
Chipmunks run and chitter, tails held straight up.
Squirrels test birdfeeders defenses yet again.

Is it spring?



The wind whistles through the branches
And around corners,
Stirring sedentary leaves into motion.
Clouds dart across the pale sky,
Hinting of storms to come.

The wind whispers of far-away places
And people,
A gentle accompaniment to the
Soft pitter patter of raindrops
On the roof.

The wind wavers at times,
Changing direction and intensity
As it scatters leaves and
Rustles feathers.
Storm clouds drift along, then
Scurry on their way.


Denise Garofalo is a librarian by profession, born in Norwich, NY. She studied at SUNY Albany and has worked in libraries in New York and New England. Currently residing in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her husband and son, working at Mount Saint Mary College and enjoying life. Denise’s published writings are mostly on professional topics, but she does enjoy writing poetry and fiction.