Paul Amidon

“Relatives and Other Characters” by Paul Horton Amidon

Local poet Paul Horton Amidon announces the publication of his new collection on poems, Relatives and Other Characters, now available from The Troy Book Makers (Troy, NY). 

Paul Amidon is a local Albany poet who’s been flying under the radar for years with his accessible poems that are by turns nostalgic, introspective, and humorous. His poems have a conversational voice that steers away from specific aspects of politics, religion, and philosophy. A positive, upbeat view of life underlies his approach to poetry, and appears in themes readers can relate to as they see them in their own lives or the lives of their parents. A good read, especially for those who would like a break from the relentless on-the-go world we live in.

For more information on the book and to order your copy, contact Paul Amidon at or mail $15 (+$3 postage) to Paul Amidon, 25 Melrose Ave., Albany, NY 12203.