Lauren Burgess

Three Poems – Lauren Burgess

Like Mourning Doves

The cotton candy sky seeks to call my name
and frame the rising sun.
The mourning doves set my heart aflame
with a song of things unsung.

The harsh pouring rain longs to know my face
and drench the blooming rose.
The thunder clouds set the sky ablaze
with a roar of vicious prose.

Perhaps in the chaos of daybreak storm
I’ll face this aching pain.
Like mourning doves my heart will warmly
sing despite the rain.


The Mirage

The heart calls out for what the eyes can see:
an idol of salvation on a hopeless sea.
But the mind tells the heart what a fool it can be.
Love is but a mirage.
Nothing more.
Nothing free.


I Wish

I wish I was a plastic straw
and I’d suck up all your pain.

I wish I was a good umbrella
to hide you from the rain.

I wish I was a lovely joke
to make you smile and laugh.

I wish I was a lot of things:
Your first, your next, and last.


Lauren Burgess is 21 years old and has been writing poetry since she was a child. It has always been her dream to create poetry that touches people and speaks beyond the words. Lauren says, “The poems I have prepared are ones that deal with aspects of the heart that speak to us all. I hope they can inspire and help others, like all good poetry should.”


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