“A New Reality” by Mazie Maxwell

A New Reality

The desperation of an entire generation,
Your future: a part of their stipulation.
Can you really feel alone
when their feelings are synonymous with your own?
Still they view you as a child,
contemptuous yet wild.

Australia burning before your eyes
as politicians promote their lies.
Toasting to the start of a brilliant year,
wishing for an era that denies the world fear.
But a girl, not merely a woman
screams out for my future, the future of all humans.

A pandemic taking your grandma, you aunt, your dad
Wishing for nothing but all that you had.
If people are dying do I need truely to go?
Yes, they’re depending on you and all that you know.
Imagining the smiles on these peoples’ faces
and the smiles I returned in some of these places.

Seeing smoke from a fire hundred miles away
He stands on the podium with nothing to say.
When it seems reasonable to bully someone on twitter,
you know that the world has tried and gone bitter.
Wondering, should I bother to study
if somehow our morals have gone way past muddy.

Ocasio backs the makings of a political plan
made by some high-schoolers taking a stand.
You’re supposed to be the greatest place
yet you’d be the first to fall out of space.
Because Europe is going oil free
you must ask yourself who are we?

The hippy girl, the vegan, those on a plastic-free pursuit
They roll their eyes and say we show up only to loot.
Maybe the weight of an entire planet
Is enough for you to turn around and plan it.
The day when I watch my children run through a field of flowers.
Please I beg you, in these last fateful hours.