Alan Catlin Publishes a novel, “Chaos Management”.

Local poet Alan Catlin has published a novel, Chaos Management with Alien Buddha Press. The book details the misadventures of an unnamed bartender as he tries to survive the travails of working for an ever-changing host of characters running the national hotel chain where he was stuck in middle management and, later as bartender/manager at a local steak house/supper club that goes belly up.  The novel is a fictional memoir based on actual life experiences and shows how not to succeed in hotel and restaurant management in graphic detail.

If Hunter S. Thompson had visited upstate New York and worked in the Business he might have changed the title to his rollicking free-spirited novel to Fear and Loathing In Albany.  Catlin does both the fear and loathing for him in this often-outrageous book. Chaos Management refers to the style of business he encounters and the struggle to control his substance-abusing impulses.

Chaos Management is available now through Amazon.