Jasmine Harris

Two Poems – Jasmine Harris


Returning has been hard
As my key doesn’t fit the lock
Seems like someone stuffed unnecessary noise in there
Cause there’s trash every which way I look round
Flies buzzing ‘round my ears
Naughty nuisances
Seems like I’m pulling when I should be pushing
I just don’t know the house as well as I once did
Use to be a haven when outside was steady stirring
I did however remember my favorite fretting places
So I take flight
Yet as I search for serenity it no longer remains
Exhaustion is an understatement as I scavenged every nook and cranny trying to find traces of
Eyes wide spooked at the fragmented frame

Striking resemblance now caricatured sadness that found me in the hallway mirror

Been gone so long that the arms wrapped ‘round me though slim like my own felt foreign
Whose long gone shea butter baby would touch the drapes that clung to my frame
Who would sweep round the corners of my mind uncovering a locked labyrinth

I couldn’t remember the code
Couldn’t remember the route to me
I had been shackled to the love of others so long I done forgot how to come home
How to drift back, free
To me


Anchored In

You are

steady steady love

Holding me


as the waves inside me crash into one another

Yet you are still



Jasmine Harris is an Educational Specialist and published poet featured in the International Poetry Digest, Ink & Voices, Rigorous, etc. Author of, I May Have Been In My Feelings, focuses her writing on identity, relationships, and the climate of society. Harris frequently quotes her inspirations as Maya Angelou, Ntozake Shange, and Tupac Shakur. Stay updated with her work and projects through her website www.jasminemharris.weebly.com or by following her on Instagram.