Inkshares 2020 All-Genre Manuscript Contest

Inkshares is pleased to announce its first ever all-genre contest which launches November 7th, 2020. The purpose of the contest is to discover debut storytellers with incredible stories. The contest will run the gamut of story-type regardless of length, fact, or fiction.

“The reality is that the world needs story more than ever to be entertained, to be educated, to be moved. As we get ready for a brighter 2021, we want to end a downbeat 2020 on the most upbeat thing we do at Inkshares: greenlighting great books for publication, global licensing, and development in television and film across all genres,” says Inkshares CEO Adam Gomolin. “All of us at Inkshares feel tremendously lucky to have such an incredible community of writers to draw from, and we look forward to welcoming more into the fold during this process.” The winners of the contest will be published by Inkshares with the winning projects represented for TV/Film as well.

The contest will run from November 7th, 2020 through February 28th, 2021, and unlike prior contests where pre-orders were used to determine the winners, the top three books will be determined through a combination of community engagement, our proprietary technology, Story Machine, and independent evaluation by the Inkshares Story Board. Phase one of the contest will come to a close at 12 p.m. PST on December 20, 2020 with the top contestants announced on February 28th, 2021. Inkshares will evaluate all submissions for publishing and representation, even if they didn’t make the finals and announce additional winners throughout the first half of the year, completing selections by July 1st, 2021.

More information on the Inkshares website