Call for Submissions: Planet Crisis Poetry Anthology

Call for Submissions: Planet Crisis Poetry Anthology

Dwain Wilder and Bart White, editors

“Our house on fire… We will not just stand aside and watch.”
Greta Thunberg, New York City, September 20, 2019

We seek poems for an anthology to address the planetary crisis unfolding around us.

Send poems that bear witness to our changing climate and humankind’s part in causing the change. Send poems that show our consumer mindset, our industries, street protests, politics and science. Send poems that sound the alarm of species and habitat loss, new weather extremes, our response and lack of response; how ecological ideals collide with the challenge of changing habits and how we live. Send poems of grief or fury, despair or hope. Send poems that show how we might yet save our Earth.

We want to showcase a range of voices and perspectives. We are looking for well-crafted poems with emotional power and a richness of language.
Longer poems will be considered (make every line count).

Send one to three original, previously unpublished, poems. Send poems by email attached as a .doc (or .docx or .txt only) as a SINGLE ATTACHMENT of 1-3 poems.

Put your contact information (name, mailing address, email), the titles of your three poems, and a one-line bio note (max. 25 words) in the body of the email.

Contributors will receive one contributor’s copy of the anthology and will be able to purchase additional copies at a 50% discount, plus shipping.

DEADLINE for submissions – December 31, 2019

Send Submissions to

(response given by January 31)

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