Upcoming poetry workshop with Adam Fitzgerald and Robert Polito at the Garrison Institute

The Garrison Institute is presenting a poetry and writing workshop on November 30-December 2, 2018 featuring the acclaimed poets Robert Polito and Adam Fitzgerald.

Along the Margins of Voice: Writing, Reading & Performance in the 21st Century

Created and moderated by award-winning author Rozanne Gold.

A voice might incarnate and summon an entire world in a few phrases, but voices also probe, interrogate, and dismantle worlds. Join renowned writers, Robert Polito and Adam Fitzgerald, and teaching artist Jayson P. Smith, for a weekend of conversation and experimentation around the notion of voice. This multi-generational, inclusive retreat is designed to ignite writers with new possibilities in poetry and the concept of genre itself–for many of us, poetry is the new nonfiction and nonfiction is the new poetry.

The many options for voice create dimensions suited to the current historical moment of multiple, fragmented selves amid social, political, and moral challenges. Spend a weekend pushing your own understanding of voice, exchanging ideas with other creative minds, and honoring your writing practice. This illuminating weekend will rejuvenate your practice and spirit.

For more information and to register, go to garrisoninstitute.org/poetry or call 845.424.4800