“U.S. Route 1: Rediscovering The New World” by Mark Marchand

Mark Marchand has published, as an Amazon Kindle ebook, U.S Route 1: Rediscovering The New World, the story of his 2014 trip driving down the entire length of U.S. Route 1 from northern Maine to Key West. From the crafty ticket scalper at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles park) to the Baptist minister in South Carolina, Mark met some amazing people and visited some fascinating places during the two-week solo drive.

Mark A. Marchand, a Chicopee, Mass. native and graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, is an adjunct professor in the Journalism Program at the University at Albany, SUNY. He is a former daily newspaper journalist (Springfield, Mass.) and worked for about 25 years as a senior manager in corporate communications at Verizon. In addition to publishing freelance science articles and opinion pieces in daily newspapers, he blogs frequently on science, travel, history, and sports. He is also a private pilot and somewhat average golfer. And he reads…a lot.