God Must Be A Boogie Man

New Books from Local Poets

Local poets and writers Nancy Klepsch, D. Alexander Holiday, and Katrinka Moore all have new books available.

“God Must Be a Boogie Man” by Nancy Klepsch

God Must Be A Boogie ManRVE is proud to announce its first release, god must be a boogie man by poet Nancy Klepsch, now available at www.rectoyverso.com/shop and at other book retailers nationwide.  Located in the heart of Kingston, New York’s burgeoning Midtown Arts District, Recto y Verso EDITIONS, Inc. is a publisher, bookstore and event space specializing in limited editions, independent authors, small press, special exhibitions, artist’s books/ephemera and more.

Klepsch’s god must be a boogie man wriggles through all four chambers of the human heart, delving deep into universal themes of love, loss, faith, fear, and death, deconstructing social media, technology and modernity in effervescently bold and experimental forms that engage the reader for the entire ride. Advance praise for the book has come from poet Lori Anderson Moseman who writes: “in a Collar City within a Rust Belt of this Queer Nation, Klepsch creates ‘bright glimpses’ of how ‘We fight for everyone’. Experimental page-poets and spoken word bards will agree, god must be a boogie man is an invigorating read that demands a stage.” Jil Hanifan, Director of the Writing Center at the University of Albany also writes: “Read these poems when you’re hungry, starving, famished…when you think all might be lost, or you might be going crazy – these poems are full of tender rage and wild sanity…”

Nancy Klepsch is a poet and teacher who was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Upstate, NY. She has been writing poetry since the fourth grade. Nancy’s first public art project was Words in Transit, installed at Albany International Airport from 2001- 2008. Words in Transit was a site-specific installation of spoken word pieces featuring Klepsch and other regional poets. Klepsch’s poem Circle was imprinted directly onto the baggage carousels, readable by passengers while they waited for their luggage. From 2004-2008, Klepsch then developed Best Wishes, another site-specific poetry installation, was designed to convey an international travel diary, a blessing, and a glimpse at a glorious weekend. Best Wishes was installed on three separate baggage carousels in the main baggage claim area of Albany International Airport to great acclaim. Klepsch is also the co-host of Second Sunday @ 2, an open mic for poetry and prose in Troy, NY, as well as a co-founder of Riverside Community Press. Her work has been published in The Altar Collective, Sinister Wisdom, Oberon, 13th Moon, and Chronogram, and online at Barzakh and Albany Poets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Education.


“Kith & Kin” by D. Alexander Holiday

G. Douglas Davis, IV, a nom de plume for D. Alexander Holiday (which is actually another nom de plume) has published Kith & Kin, the long-awaited (greatly anticipated) sequel to E-mails from Satan’s Daughter, chronicling the continued atmosphere of bullying and intimidation residing within many state agencies.

This new book will be immediately available at both the Stuyvesant Plaza Book House and the Troy Book House.  The Troy Book Makers is the new publisher of the book.  Amazon and other online retailers will feature the book as well.

The book is readily available from the author and his representatives in paperback ($20) and will also be available in hardcover format ($40).  Very nicely bound collector editions are available upon request directly to the author.

Interested parties can contact the author at: holidayinoz@hotmail.com.  Please be sure to make some reference to the book (etc.) in the subject line.

D. Alexander Holiday has volunteered and moderated a creative writing workshop for inmates at a state maximum security facility in upstate New York. He is also a local liaison for the GBS/CIDP Foundation International. He is the author of six books of poetry and prose; Letters to Osama: old and new musings on foreign and domestic terrorism…and other matters, I Use To Fall Down, and All The Killers Gathered. His memoir, In The Care Of Strangers: The Autobiography Of A Foster Child: A Memoir and  Emails From Satan’s Daughter, are published by Xlibris.  Writing under another nom de plume of G. Douglas Davis, IV, his new book, Kith & Kin: A Klannish Klownish Tragik Komedy is published by The Troy Book Makers.


“Wayfarers” by Katrinka Moore

Wayfarers by Katrinka MooreKatrinka Moore’s latest book, Wayfarers, has just been released by Pelekinesis.

You can see a sample of the poems and artwork here: http://www.pelekinesis.com/sample/katrinka_moore-wayfarers-sample.pdf

You can order Wayfarers here: http://www.pelekinesis.com/ or come to her featured reading at the Third Thursday Poetry Night at the Social Justice Center on May 17 and get a signed copy.