The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice Mystery

“The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice Mystery” by Mike Topp and Sparrow

The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice MysteryMike Topp and Sparrow, two masters of the American minimalist poem, have improbably collaborated on a novel, The Double Dream of Spring: A Peg Sluice Mystery. Set in New York City, Florida, and the far reaches of the cosmos, the book recounts the adventures of Peg Sluice and Beckett, a 21st-century Nick and Nora, on the trail of an elusive hatbox which grants its possessors superhuman powers. Just when success looks imminent, Peg and Beckett encounter an intractable, elite villain, Red Soapy. Laden with incisive wit, intrigue, social commentary, erotic surprises, and a character named God, The Double Dream of Spring makes excellent summer reading, especially in the winter. “It’s like a stoner comedy with crabcakes instead of weed,” observes noted literary critic Emilio Xing-Goldberg.

Heretofore available only as an ebook, a limited print edition with a stunning cover by artist Miranda July is now available. The authors will read from the novel at the Golden Notebook in Woodstock, New York, on Sunday, December 10, at 4 P.M., and also sign copies.