The Passage Between

The Passage Between

The Passage Between is a transatlantic literary magazine based in Dublin, Ireland and Iowa, U.S.A. We currently looking for poems, short fiction, and true stories from both sides of the Atlantic to share with our readers. If you have a story you would like to share, details are below.

We are currently accepting submissions for our January 2018 issue. The deadline for this issue is December 15th, 2017. We accept submissions from the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We are looking for fresh voices that test the boundaries of the written word. If you have a poem, short story, art, or true story to share please email us at

All work will be read and responded to within 30 days. Please make sure that all work is previously unpublished. Please include the author’s name and postal address (we will send you a copy of our magazine if you are chosen). If your work was not chosen for our current issue it will be archived for a chance to be featured in a later issue.

  • Poetry: Up to five poems may be submitted in a word document format to our email. Choose those poems that come straight from the soul, those that are hidden in the back of your notebook, those that give you goosebumps long after you have finished writing them.

  • Short Stories: Two stories with a max of 2000 words may be submitted in a word document format to our email. We are looking for fictional stories in all genres. Stories that explore the intensity of the human experience- love, death, fantasy, obsession, and everything in between.

  • Art: Artwork may be sent as a jpeg attachment to our email. It can be photography, painting, digital art, and sculpture. Please make sure all work is created by you and include a short caption of up to 100 words explaining your process, inspiration, and materials.

  • True Stories: We are looking for short true stories that come from your life. These are short and powerful observations, experiences, and challenges that you have faced or overcome. These should be 1000 words max and sent in a word document format. Please include a photograph if it adds to the story.

You can visit our website to learn more at: